Tips You Should Know Regarding Selling of SaaS

10 Jan

If you are a young software startup, you must know how to make your business succeed. Several software companies go under is a short duration, not because they lack great ideas, but simply for lacking strategy. That does not have to be you. Here are six tips to help you when it comes to selling SaaS.

Short Trial Period

One of the major mistakes you are likely to make is trying to lure your clients with a long trial duration. This can be great if you aim to get people to try your services. However, it is never a guarantee that they will end up buying once the trial is over. Do not hurt your business by offering a trial period that is longer than 14 days.

Be Confident When Pricing

Most young startups think that the best way to get many people using their services is by offering really low prices. This is false. Clients do not pay for a product; rather, they buy the value of that product. If you can convince the client that they are in dire need of the service, and then go ahead to offer them value for their money, you will have clients no matter how much you are charging.

Don't Wait for Perfection

If you already have a product, do not test it for too long. In as much as a pilot is essential, you need to get out there as soon as you can, especially if you feel that you have something novel. Your product does not have to be perfect today. In fact, you will realize that you will make multiple changes to it as time passes. Go ahead and launch the service as soon as you have something that works; otherwise, someone else might come to market with the same idea. By this time it might not matter if your product is better, if they are first to market and they do everything it takes, you will struggle to catch up with the competition. 

Market Consistently

Another thing you need to do is effective and productive marketing. You need to know that software does not sell itself. In as much as word of mouth might be excellent, you should have other marketing strategies too. Make use of email marketing and ensure that you polish your email marketing campaigns. It is always good to keep following up on prospects and even clients who fail to renew subscriptions.

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